Skull Stripes

Growth comes where fear has no air. The Skull pattern ring is made to kill fear and all its senses. This is for a man who knows power comes from the inside and it has to be cultivated on the outside. If you are fearless, the Skull stripes will remind you all the time how strong you are. During the years, the Skull designs have made it into the fashion industry and it seems it will stay here forever. As a man, you have no excuse for not having at least one accessory with a skull design.

This ring is made of sterling silver with a center stripe of cubic zirconias and will keep its style and quality over the years. Buying such a ring, you can be sure you will have it forever. 

You know Skull rules, so what are you waiting for? We have all sizes available and you can also find out your size if you don’t know it, using our “Find your size” button.



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