Square Wave Black Iced

Some people are always on the wave because they feel it, others just get wet. The metaphor behind this style is designed to keep you motivated and inspired and if you think that’s impossible, just give it a try and we’ll see. Remember the last accessory you bought? Remember who great made you feel? That’s exactly what we are talking about. If you are a free minded person and you love living the moment, the Square wave black iced ring will be a great choice. The wave is known for being nature’s “living the moment” expression. He rises, he flows, he conquers and then he settles enjoying his journey. This is the exact story behind this ring design. Feel the moment and then relax while enjoying the journey.

The ring is made of sterling silver and it has the square wave pattern engraved all over it on the exterior side. It’s an engagement band style surrounded with cubic zirconia stones on the edges.

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